Sembilan Residency – Malaysia

I have been working in my own studio from the day one I started painting. It has been the only way that I could paint. I need my own cave to go in and stay there and paint. Going to Seremban as an Artist in residence, itself was a challenge, imagine sharing a studio to paint with someone you’ve never seen before.

I am not the kind of artist who doesn’t mind someone else’s present to create art. I actually do mind and somehow it makes me feel uncomfortable. However the whole idea of residency for me was about doing something that I have never done before. living and working in a place where I’ve never been to and of course sharing it with someone else as well.
We were totally different. Despite the fact that we were born and raised in two different countries with different cultures, our style of paintings were completely different. I was full of colour and texture and he was all about clean lines and almost black and white. People, culture, and nature have a huge influence on me. When I travel to different places sometimes I pick up even their accent while I’m there. I am open to new things and I have never been scared of letting myself see, learn and experience things that I might never have a chance to do when I leave the place. I said that because I wanted to say Seremban Inspired me in many different ways. In the most obvious one my colours became brighter and nature plays a huge role in my paintings there. I had a Chance to meet the locals and had created a photo documentary which I am going to talk about in another post for sure.
Always ready to experience and learn about different cultures and hoping to get to go to more residencies in


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