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Art has always been something that I have been instinctively drawn to. From the moment I could hold a pencil I was already doodling with and on anything I could find. My love for art developed from growing up with an archaeologist father who has a passion for artistic artifacts. He believed that self-knowledge comes from an understanding of one’s past, and encouraged me to learn, understand and appreciate the country’s culture and traditions.

My parents fostered my love for art from a very tender age, allowing me to express my art in paintings and drawings on the walls of our home. We traveled around the country visiting museums, reading a lot of history books and poems. We listened to a lot of folk music at home. These experiences still feature prominently in my artworks today.

After high school my constant calling and need to create things led me unexpectedly, yet happily, to Elm O Farhang University. I studied art there for 4 wonderful years before receiving my BFA in painting, in 2003. Being around other creative people during my college years helped me find and nurture my artistic voice – though that is a journey I still consider myself to be on.

My parents were very supportive of my pursuance of art as a career path and for my 18th. On my birthday, my father presented me with a life-changing gift of an analogue camera. This was the beginning of the most exciting and fulfilling journey of my life. Through my camera lens, I learnt to search, study, and see beyond the obvious. Photography became my media of artistic expression.

I branched out into new mediums such as developing negative” film” and exploring the magic of manual photo developing. To me, artwork transcends medium. Camera and brush can complement with magnificent synchronisation to create a breathtaking masterpiece that tells a wonderful poetic story. I find both photography and painting to be powerfully evocative in their own unique ways, and I always aim to make the best synergizing of both mediums.

To me, artwork is beyond medium; sometimes camera and brush come together in magnificent synchronisation to create a breathtaking masterpiece that tells a wonderfully poetic story. I find both photography and painting powerful, each in its own unique ways, and I always aim at making the best of both crafts.

My photography is heartfelt and communicative; freezing precious moments in time, telling poetic stories of the people in front of my lens. My favorite photography subject is people and nature, and I always try to bring them together in perfect sync to create a long gone ethereal harmony that nowadays has to be staged in order to capture it in camera.

I remain authentic to painting, bringing to life a fresh perspective of modern living with each brushstroke, also focusing on people and nature. My artwork brings about a nostalgic sense of serenity that makes one long to spend eternity there. My canvas becomes a door to thousands of possible worlds only the mind of a true artist can conceive.

After I received my Bachelor of Arts in Painting, I proceeded to pursue a Master of Illustration at one of the best art universities in Iran. While doing my Master’s, I taught art part-time and imparted the skills and knowledge I gained from my experienced professors to my young students.

I eventually moved to Malaysia to expand my horizon and see art from a perspective beyond my country. Living in the melting pot of culture and diversity, I met a lot of people from all walks of life, who taught me a lot more about art and inspired me in various exciting ways. I participated in international group exhibitions where I met artists from around the world and shared their experiences.

I also worked with an international university which focuses on art and creativity, and had the opportunity to meet some of the most innovative and artistic young minds from around the globe.

My love for art grows each day with each brushstroke, click and inspirational moment. I have learned to see the world through inquisitive eyes, where everything can present itself as a still to be captured on camera. A depiction is a moment of time captured and frozen in eternity.